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01:28am 21/03/2003
  all right you miserable kids i should update this crap or something.

barry owns you:ryan why do you suck so much? i mean you suck alot.
xxburninatorxx:shut up barry. geez. your supposed to take my side on things. but really your just a huge asshole.
barry owns you:man your a wimp. tell me to shut up, or do you not have a backbone? i think your to much of a wuss to tell me to stand down. you coward.
xxburninatorxx:fuck you. your blocked.

man. that fuck blocked me. so if you talk to that kid. tell him he's wack as shit. and smells about as good. what a fucktard. fuck fuck fuck! im off to the casino now. get me some money to get me some poon tang. i cant wait.

later fucks.
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i hate ryan blauer   
02:35am 01/03/2003
mood: drunk
im going to punch him. stupid shitface.
i <3 boobs   
07:45pm 27/02/2003
mood: high
organ harvesting is a good way to make a few bucks. seriously there needs to be a black market ebay where one could sell children, weapons, bombs, missiles, radioactive elements, drugs, body parts etc etc.

that is all.

i need money for crack.
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so it begins   
07:33pm 25/02/2003
mood: aggravated
be warned. this is gonna be a bumpy ride.